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October, 2014
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What is 8wire?

We are Las Vegas' #1 LAN Gaming Center and Internet Cafe. Since 2004 we have provided Game Launches, eSports events, tournaments, and a place to play the hottest games from the past, present, and future. Quit playing at home alone, and do it on LAN!
Don't play alone at home, Do it on LAN!
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The end of an era.
2013-11-15 23:40:00 - 25678

So, its been about nine years since we opened Sin City PC, the internet cafe now known as 8wire LAN. Nine years of LAN CS, LAN DotA, tournaments, loud lockdowns, CRANK THAT S#!T UP!, and late night hangouts. We’ve had thousands of gamers walk through our doors over the years and make not only new accounts, but new friends… some that will last for years to come.

Over time, this place became more than just a business. It turned from just being a LAN to a spot where gamers could go and be social. That was the whole point. Where everyone had an opinion on not only videogames but countless other topics. A place where everyone knew everyone, maybe not by name, but by the games they played and how they played them. A place where barely anyone called you by your birthname.
Now, the hard part.

As of right now, after over two years of me just sitting here thinking of what to do, I am formally announcing that 8wire will be closed indefinitely after the 24th of November, 2013.
It's been a great run and a heck of a journey for us. From the depths of the swap meet to Decatur and finally here at our current location… we've all met a lot of good people and made countless new friends.

It has been my pleasure and my passion to own and operate 8wire all these years and take part in all of the great times we’ve all had here.

Certain developments in the business, along with other things in my personal life, have finally come to a point where we will be forced to close the doors at 8wire and work on some new "projects"!! Well, at least for a while… Sin City PC, you know, 8wire’s “other half”, will still be available for all repairs after November 24th.
As for 8wire, it'll need downtime, some capital investment, and some rest for Nick! We are in the works for something else, just don't hold your breath. Think at least six months down the line for an announcement on it. Stay tuned with the Facebook and the website for details on that!

After that, we will be working on a new business model for 8wire. If your interested in getting involved, or have other ideas, drop Nick a line at nick@8wirelan.com.
Back to the close! Don't play alone at home the last week of 8wire and come do it on LAN with the people you've always played with before! The 17th through the 24th, at only $2 per hour FLAT, no membership? We don't care. With the FINAL LOCKDOWN happening on the 23rd - $20 as always, except only Lockdown attendees are allowed, 8PM - 8AM this time, and a lot more special prizes to be given away.

Also, if you are looking to get your hands on any of the 8wire LAN items, memorabilia, history, or for a deal, or even because you just need a decent computer at home let anyone of the staff know! We've got all the amazing chairs that will outlive humans, a bunch of gaming systems and monitors, gaming memorabilia, and other things that you can get your hands on that won't be needed for the next chapter of 8wire’s history.
Thank you guys for such a great decade. Its bittersweet letting it go, but the time I’ve spent here were the best years of my life. I only hope that it has made as much of an impact on your lives, as it has mine.

This is Nick "ph3onix" Bauer, Signing off.


#jhc, #unnecessaryhashtag
LoL Tournament?
2013-04-01 00:00:00 - 1506
8 years open!
2012-12-04 13:45:15 - 25678
Come celebrate 8 years in business with 8wire and Sin City PC today! Free energy drinks to every 8th person to buy time. $8 for 8 hours all day long. And a few special suprises for LAN-goers!
Happy Thanksgiving
2012-11-25 00:20:20 - 25678
to all of you from the entire 8wire team!
Videogame Trivia
2012-11-14 21:05:29 - 25678
" Think you know your video game history? Prove it for a chance to win a month free pass to LAN, Free time, drinks and swag.

More details to be announced soon!

no hoe checking. BE THERE!
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